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Find your inner surfer to take on the waves of your dreams!

I’m a self confessed travel junkie. It has a lot to do with being adventurous and curious and I have always loved the feeling of freedom you get and the variety of people you meet, when you travel.  I’m very fortunate to have visited some beautiful destinations and met lots of interesting people. And, as most of my trips were to coastal places, many of those interesting souls were sea lovers like me.

And I’ve learned a lot from them! Divers, kite-surfers, wind-surfers and body boarders all share a love of nature, posses a beguiling wildness of spirit and a love of freedom and adventure.  To brave the waves though, they need to be focused; completely in the moment and without anxiety about failing nor other distracting thoughts and emotions that could threaten to unravel a zen-like composure.

The thing about waves is they’ve got a will of their own. They care nothing about what you want. They do their own thing and there’s nothing you can do about it. All you can do is control yourself and go with them and where they flow without trying to fight them.

That’s why being able to surf is so much like being able to realise our dreams. Why? Well, to realise big dreams we need to be able to control our minds & emotions so that we maintain our balance and composure under pressure.

Really, in this life all we can do is control ourselves and how we respond to what happens in our environment.

And that is exactly what this pilot retreat called Find Your Inner Surfer is about.  It is a collaboration with Seamus McGoldrick; a professional body boarder and founder of Sligo Surf Experience (please see his bio here), based in Strand Hill, Co Sligo. We are running an inspiring, fun and life altering weekend retreat that blends surfing with life coaching.

And we’d LOVE to have you with us.

It’s happening on 29/31 March. And as this is a pilot you will only need to pay for your meals and if you are joining us from outside of Co Sligo, accommodation.

To learn more and view the full itinerary please check out GLD’s Events page here. Please email me on to register and if you’ve any questions whatsoever, give me a call on 0876700112.

Lets take on the waves of our dreams together!